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My invitation for you is to explore the depth of your own Sovereign divinity by returning to the truth of who you are, as a Child of Creation. It’s both for current and emerging leaders or those who simply desire to walk their path in a divine feminine way.

Christ Consciousness Anchor, Empowerment Leader, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Instructor, and 20-year Retired Military. It would be my great honor to witness you on a transformative journey of self-reclamation as you touch back into your own sovereign divinity.

As a Sacred Living & Wellness Coach, it is a blessing and honor to lovingly witness you living your highest potential. My Legacy of Love is to support you into your greatest expansion by co-creating safe space for your Sophia Circle Journey™.

A Visionary of Mystical Crystalline Quantum Magick! My heart sings to be able to witness Your self-discovery in the spark of your Divine Light-Body as an Angel on Earth!
Light-Beam Productions – The Art of Quantum Healing

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Mother. Sophia Circle Leader. Sound and LMT/Reiki Practitioner. Yoga teacher. It is my great honor and pleasure to create sacred space for others to step into the invitation to begin the process of embodying their Higher Self one loving step at a time.

Dancer, Musician, Ascension Midwife, DragonBodhi™ Creatrix. It my delight to create sacred space for your personal transformation! I am honored to serve your heart’s expansion and sovereign embodiment through Sophia Circle Journeys.​



Archetypal coach, researcher and author. It is my honor to create a sacred container of loving, compassionate and joyful support for participants of Sophia Circles to explore their inner spaces and sovereignty. Let allow our hearts guide us.

Holistic Institute Founder, LMSW, Certified Yoga Therapist. I invite you to join me on a guided Sophia Circle Journey where it is safe to open your heart and discover the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness within you.​

Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer. It is such a privilege to be able to hold this sacred space for you during the Sophia Circle Journeys. My intention is to give you a safe place to land as you explore your own Sovereign Nature & Journey.

My passion for the Sophia Code™ is fostered in the effortless shift towards wholeness imbued in every moment of Kaia Ra’s codex. Sophia Circle Leader™, Priestess, Advanced Spiral Practitioner, Angelic Channel, Reiki Master, RYT500 & Theology Grad Student.

Through the teachings of the honeybees, may we remember we are One Colony sharing this beautiful planet. This unification comes from the unification with our own hearts, which is how the Sophia Code navigates us back to our true Higher Selves.

Healer and Spiritual Leader with a passion to serve humanity’s ascension. Embody your sovereign potential with the support of The Ascended Masters. I am honored to facilitate Sophia Circle Journeys that support you in the process of embodying your Higher Self.

I am a woman, divine feminine christ mentor, leader, orator, healer and facilitator of sacred space leading the way as a co-creatrix of Heaven on Earth with the Sophia Code and guiding you to your divinity and joyous, sovereign, empowered, blessed self.

Intuition Medicine® Therapist, Spiritual Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Coach, Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am delighted to create a powerful, gentle and compassionate space for you to embody your divinity through the Sophia Circle Journey.

Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Record Practitioner I, II, and fellow Light Worker. I am blessed to witness your spiritual awakening with The Sophia Circle Journey teachings. We will open our Angel Wings and create relationships with the Ascended Masters

Sophia Circle Leader, Yoga and Meditation teacher, and artist. It is a big prayer from my heart to create sacred space for Sophia Circles. I am so honored and excited to witness and journey with you through the Sophia Code and connect heart to heart.

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