A Spiritual Support Group for Survivors

Providing an online sanctuary space for educating and empowering survivors of rape, human trafficking, and domestic violence

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No matter what you’ve survived in your heroic human journey, we believe that you are:




Our Mission

The Sophia Code Foundation is committed to providing an online sanctuary space for educating and empowering survivors of rape, human trafficking, and domestic violence. We’re proud to announce our new free online offering is a spiritual support group that addresses this worldwide need for healing. 

Next Sovereign Soul Alliance Gathering: May 29, 2024 @ 12 PM Pacific

We named this monthly online spiritual support group the “Sovereign Soul Alliance” to express our solidarity with all survivors. This name also shares our belief that a whole recovery from trauma requires a reclamation of your spiritual creatorhood. No matter what you have survived, we believe that you can choose an empowered path of sovereign, authentic healing that is intuitively guided by your Higher Self, your spiritual guides, and the power of God.

This spiritual support group is rooted in the sovereignty teachings of The Sophia Code, and supported by Foundation Facilitators who understand that survivors deserve to be mirrored with dignity, honor, and respect.

This free community ministerial offering is for survivors and their allies of all genders and religious faiths. All who come with respect for the healing container and sacredness of this offering are welcome.

The Sophia Code Teachings

Help You Reclaim the
Invincible Innocence of Your Heart

How would it feel to reclaim the truth that your soul is a creative divine intelligence that is perfectly guiding your healing journey?

Your Inner Child Is Powerful

“As the risen phoenix, I recognize my luminous Inner Child as the annointed master who is capable of setting me free to accept the joy of being me.” —Quan Yin, The Sophia Code, Pg. 264

Healing Through Self-Love

“In the journey of parenting yourself, you will come to find that it is your own innocence that knows the exact words and self-loving actions that you need to receive from yourself for healing your deepest wounds.” —Quan Yin, The Sophia Code, Pg. 265

Claim the Invincible Light of Your Soul

“The paradoxical pearl of innocence is that its absolute vulnerability is invincible: for the guardian of innocence is its own holy, indivisible nature. Innocence can not be bought or manipulated or torn apart. I invite those who have suffered in body and mind from the imbalances and violations of others to take courage — for your innocence can never be stolen from you. Your innocence remains steadfast within you, waiting for the storms to recede, safely hidden within The Rose of your heart. Innocence always awaits its rightful recognition from you. It can never change or leave you, and can only be temporarily forgotten. It is safe for you to take up the mantle of your invincible innocence and be baptized by your own vulnerability.” —Green Tara The Sophia Code, Pg. 140

Self compassion is taking the time to be present with your authentic experience and being kind to yourself in every way

-The Sophia Code

FREE Online
Spiritual Support Group

Discover the power of community solidarity for your healing journey

This spiritual support group includes:

Your Questions Answered

Email us anonymous questions about your spiritual healing journey from trauma, which we will weave into the content of our monthly gatherings.

Live Community Chat

Feel the uplifting spirit of being in community with others survivors who are practicing a path of conscious spiritual healing and self-empowerment.

Prayer & Guided Meditations

Explore sacred healing tools that include affirmations, prayer, and guided meditations for cultivating self-regulation and titration as guided by your Higher Self.

Please Note: it is not possible to immediately include all submitted questions in a single gathering. We will be reviewing all submitted questions to curate the spiritual themes that will be addressed over time. We believe that pain is universal and that any individual question selected for the Alliance gathering speaks to and inspires our collective healing journey from trauma.

Divine Feminine Teachings from The Sophia Code Book

Discover the life-changing difference that the Ascended Masters and angelic orders provide as spiritual guides and heavenly mentors for overcoming your greatest challenges to healing.

What the future holds:

As the Sovereign Soul Alliance grows in the years to come, we’ll also be scheduling live interviews with professional experts in the fields of trauma recovery to bring a vibrant education to these many important topics for our individual and collective healing.

Community Testimonials

Hi Team, I just attended todays inaugural sovereign soul alliance session.I need and HAVE to say; this transmission, and this work is powerful. I feel so: empowered, held, supported and loved beyond my understanding. I want you to know your work matters. The Christ (consciousness) truly has returned. Give my thanks to Kaia Ra and it was so nice to connect with her beautiful, soothing and loving voice. l loved that l could tell how comfortable she was being able to speak to and connect to us while not needing to be on camera. We were all here together in quantum reality - you know that time and space truly aren’t as rigid as we were taught. Thank you 🫶🏾

The Sovereign Soul Alliance is a spiritual support group and supplemental resource for individuals actively engaged in a personal healing journey from rape, trafficking, and abuse.

This spiritual offering is solely intended to uplift your soul as you follow the guidance of your professional healthcare advisors. Please read the following platform disclaimers for your informed participation in the Sovereign Soul Alliance. We thank you for your understanding that although there are countless needs in the collective journey of recovery, The Sophia Code Foundation can only provide this spiritual offering at this time. We thank you for refraining from making further requests beyond our current capacity to serve this cultural epidemic and we thank you for your loving support of this offering.

What We Are Not:

Important Disclaimers for Participating in the Sovereign Soul Alliance

We are not professional therapists

The Sovereign Soul Alliance is not a therapeutic model and we are not licensed mental healthcare practitioners. Kaia Ra is not a licensed mental healthcare practitioner. Your participation in these online gatherings is solely for spiritual education, personal inspiration, and community connection.

We do not replace the need for healthcare professionals

This spiritual support group does not replace the need for professional mental health care or your doctor's advice. We do not offer physical, emotional, or psychological healthcare advice, nor do we offer therapy of any kind.

Our gatherings are not suitable for those averse to subject matters that are important to survivors

These gatherings are not recommended for those who are not ready to navigate the subject matters related to the spiritual recovery from rape, human trafficking, and abuse.

We do not offer a suicide prevention hotline. We do not provide a rape crisis hotline or a rape crisis center.

If you have been raped, if you feel suicidal, or if you are experiencing increasing levels of suicide ideation it is important to immediately reach out to your healthcare practitioners or to call 911. You can also research national or state suicide prevention hotlines or rape crisis hotlines that feel right for you to call. In the journey of recovering from trauma, it is normal to experience a wide range of extreme emotions and disregulation that needs to be supported by trained professionals. The Sophia Code Foundation does not offer suicide prevention or rape crisis hotline services, so it is important for you to research where to find these resources outside of this spiritual offering.

We do not provide intervention or emergency services for survivors of human trafficking

If you have recently escaped human trafficking or if you are supporting someone who has escaped human trafficking, it is important to reach out to professional and emergency state services. At this time our Foundation does not offer an in-person sanctuary for survivors, nor do we provide recommendations for sheltering survivors. If you are experiencing a human trafficking emergency situation, you need to call 911.

We do not provide counseling services or recommendations for lisenced practitioners

The Sovereign Soul Alliance is solely a spiritual support group and we do not provide recommendations for licensed practitioners. Our Alliance provides a resonance of faith, inspiration, and solidarity for our community. Many survivors suffer from crippling self-judgement and self-doubt, and this free offering is to support your spiritual growth and self-confidence to trust the perfection of your unfolding healing journey, as directed by your Higher Self. We believe in your ability to make empowered, discerning choices that are right for you. We believe in your direct relationship with God to guide you to every resource that you need for your healing journey. We thank you for your understanding that this spiritual offering is what the Foundation can provide at this time.

How to Attend Our Live Online Gatherings

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You will always receive an email with the Zoom call in-details for attending live every month

Bring your copy of The Sophia Code to read along with our Team as they open every gathering with a passage from the codex. You may also want to prepare a glass of water and have any spiritual tools nearby that inspire your practice or prayer.

Do your best to refrain from driving while participating and attend every gathering in your sacred space or in a quiet, natural setting that is conducive for inward focus.

The live chat feature will be available for your questions and community dialogue, which is supported by the Team

You can share your breakthroughs and connect with other community members after every gathering in our free Community Forum inside The Sophia Code App.

If you can’t attend a monthly call live, there is always a free video replay that's available within 48 hours inside the App!

All who come with respect for the spiritual healing container and sacredness of these free offerings are welcome to attend.


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